This is not in the dictionary. It is my definition of the fear of writing a Will. The bizarre situation is that there are people that have a fear of writing a Will. I don’t get to meet them often, but I do talk to them!

The fear seems to run along the theme that if they write a Will they will suddenly drop down dead. Some of us have a fear of dying, but in it’s extreme version this is a real and serious condition and is known as death anxiety or thanatophobia (that is in the dictionary). I would not deny this can be life-limiting and may require therapy.  Sometimes a married or partnered person is not writing a Will simply because their partner has this fear, the net result is that neither of them have Wills!

39822932 - be brave and face your fears text written on notebook page, red pencil on the right

I want to assure you the process of writing a Will is painless and sometimes even a pleasure. You don’t even have to go to a scary old Dickensian lawyer. Most people are relieved to have at last put their affairs in order.  So please think about your family, face your fears and we will be gentle and understanding.