I remember back in my days in financial services we had a rubber stamp in the office with a red ink pad that said “ACT NOW!” and where necessary we used to stamp it on client letters.

Over the last month I have seen the consequences of not acting with regard to Lasting Powers of Attorney and leaving it to the last minute in hospital with considerable difficulties. I would urge you whatever age you are to consider having a “notional heart attack” now.

Is your Will up to date?

Is your Lasting Power of Attorney in place?

What about all your internet passwords?

Have you made any contingency plans if suddenly you are not able to act?

Some years ago we also saw a real heart attack situation where the father never expected to suddenly die. He never changed his Will, like he told his children he would, and it created a severe family rift.

I never bullied clients to take action, but sometimes I feel I did them a dis-service. So please if you are advising clients, please gently get them  to take appropriate action before it’s too late.